I come with great openness and trust at the Osho camps. There’s always something changing inside me during these events and especially after them, I always leave with a different perspective. I successfully healed what I couldn’t heal otherwise and I am very happy for this and very grateful! Thank you, Kiran and Jivan, for organizing these camps and for carrying on these meditations year after year! Thank you both, I feel grateful to meet you and, through you, to learn about these wonderful tools of transformation and inner healing! I love you!

— Ramona Samson (Bucharest)

Osho Meditation & Music Camp was one of the most beautiful experiences for me. I understood how important it is to be connected to myself and to what surrounds me. After the experience of Osho Meditation & Music Camp, I became more responsible, more motivated, and even much happier! Kiran and Jivan, thank you for your help!

— Dumitru Roșca, Bucharest

For me, even if it has a repetitive pattern, which doesn’t bring any surprise (dynamic in the morning, kundalini in the evening, ending with the night meditation — the same every day, totally different from the tantra camp, my favorite), I admit that I am always attracted to participate… It’s a journey towards myself, deeper and deeper inside me, with every participation… I really like the idea of ​​live music followed by moments of silence, and the meditative state even in those moments… I like very much the venue: the intimacy of the cottage, the space created by Kiran and Jivan, both inside (on a physical level), as well as the preparation of the place, the energetic space to contain all the participants; I like nature, away from the presence of tourists, in which we immerse ourselves in meditation every day; I like the carefully prepared vegetarian menu, although many times, in the energy released, I happen to not need food. I appreciate the administrative organization, perfect in every aspect, which cannot be seen from the outside, and I thank the support team for the small personal wishes, always solved. During the program, I like the moment of sharing, which still makes me refrain from saying, on the other hand, it opens me more and more… It’s exciting and encouraging to find myself in what other people shares…

— Radha, Bucharest

Participațing in this Osho Meditation Camp I came in touch with 2 insightful living & generous teachers — Jivan and Kiran — and met a wonderful group of authentic open-hearted people. The event raised my joy of life & Divine connection. In deep gratitude…

— Turiya Danielle, Bucharest

I attended The OSHO live music meditation camp in 2020 for the first time, and it is simply one of the best life decisions I have ever made. I feel happier, more composed, and I am able to do everything with more clarity. The calmness I felt after the retreat continues to evolve, and is something I have never experienced in my entire life. Amongst other qualities, this calmness has fostered better sleep and has dramatically enhanced my ability to be more present in each and every moment. Kiran and Jivan created a perfect environment to explore all my emotions as they surfaced, and It was an honour to be in the company of such kind, beautiful, loving souls.

— Jacky, England

Osho Meditation & Music Camp is for me the most relaxing and with the least challenges of all the retreats organized by Kiran & Jivan. Starting from Osho’s idea of ​​enjoying and celebrating every moment, no matter what Existence brings us, i believe that Kiran & Jivan use their special relationship with the Existence, in order to bring us only moments of joy and delight, so that we can follow Osho’s urging more easily. This retreat is worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime!

— Pramod, Bucharest

Osho Meditation & Music Camp in Romania? For me healthy, helping to be rooted in the present moment, full of energy, and remembering my inner self and Osho presence as if I was in Pune International Osho Center. Moreover, the camp is uniquely joyful and friendly like you cannot imagine :))! One more thing. As Kahlil Gibran said, “Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky.” Here, in this Osho Meditation & Music Camp in Romania, you will really live with Jivan and Kiran in the amazing nature and mountains where you will see, hear and feel with your heart lovely “poems”, written and sung from earth to the sky!! Enjoy each moment and happy travel within yourself and in the Romanian Mountains!

— Bodhiprem Alexandre Ramat, Pune (India)

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