Q & A

At what hour is the camp starting and ending?

The meditation camp program starts Wednesday, August 21st, 2024, at 5.00 PM, and closes Sunday, August 25th, 2024, at 2.00-2.30 PM.

What is the nearest airport?

Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport.

What distance is the camp venue from the airport?

2 hours 1/2 drive from the airport, 3 hours driving from Bucharest. Good to add 30 minutes more, according to the traffic situation.

Can I come by car with another participant to the camp place?

Yes. Our team supports participants to come together by car.

What to bring?

Comfortable clothes for both outdoor and indoor activities.

Appropriate mountain boots / sport shoes for silent walks in the mountains.

Sunscreen in case you think you need it — we go to the mountains daily, it can be pretty sunny.

A jacket and a sweater for the mornings and the evenings — meals are on a big covered terrace and it can be quite chilly during breakfast and dinner time.

Do I need to bring a meditation cushion and a mat?

No, we provide mats, blankets, and meditation pillows. However, if you need higher pillows for sitting, it is good that you bring your own meditation pillow.

Do I need to bring my own towels and bed linen?

No, the venue provides towels and bed linen.

Can I bring my pet along?


Can I bring my child?

Maybe. You need to talk to us first. However, this is a meditation camp dedicated to adults.

Is participation mandatory in the full program?

No. However, it is indicated that you enjoy as much as possible from the program.

How long are the meals breaks?

1 hour each.

Can I go out during meals and eat somewhere else?

No, this meditation camp is residential, all participants stay and eat in the same place during the meditation camp.

How is the food menu?

The meals are vegetarian, including eggs and dairy.

How many meals are included?

There are 3 meals and 2 tea breaks per day.

Can I bring my own food?

No, the kitchen provides enough food for everybody.

Should I bring my water bottle or water supplies for the 5 days?

No, each participant will receive his/ her water bottle which can then be refilled. We provide the water.

What if I have some food allergies or a specific diet?

Please let us know when you register and we will inform the cook. The cook provides dairy-free/gluten-free/vegan meals for the ones who specify so.

Can I come just to watch and see what happens and decide there if I want to join or not?

No. You are invited to register and experiment for yourself with the many different meditation techniques which fit different people. Come, explore and then see what happens for you when you fully participate.

Can I register just for the weekend?

No. We invite you to dive deep, together, and be together in this meditation and live music experiment for all 5 days. This is to maintain a certain energy field that we create together.

Can I join if I have no experience with meditation in general?

Yes. The meditation camp program is designed to be suitable for anybody willing to explore, for both beginners and experienced meditators.

Can I rest if I need to, during the camp?


At what time should I arrive?

Wednesday, August 21st, 2024, between 14.00 and 16.45. The venue is ready to receive our group on the day the camp starts.

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