We have been blessed with so many friends on the path, who during the years have been supporting us in different ways to keep going spreading and sharing Osho meditation events, courses and retreats in Romania (and other countries).

Starting in 2006 from our Meditation Center in Bucharest, to Hermitage (2016-2020) and mountain retreats, their presence, participation and contribution is a big part of the reason we are here today, co-creating the OSHO® Meditation & Music Camp in Romania since 2019. A gathering to share and celebrate with friends on the path.

It is impossible to thank everyone here. We are grateful to each and everyone – contributors and participants friends.

A big THANK YOU to:

Bogdan Dincă: photographer & support team
Charaiveti (Sega): musician & website design
Khalid: musician & meditation facilitator
Marius Lazar: musician & support team
Oyunaa: helper & massage therapist
Vatayana: inspiration

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