OSHO® Meditations

During the meditation camp, we explore several meditation techniques, created or re-created by Osho.

OSHO® Active Meditations are revolutionary methods, created for contemporary people.

OSHO® Active Meditations are meditation techniques that combine movement with non-movement, first of all supporting us to discharge the stress and tiredness accumulated in our bodies and in our minds, further on helping us to relax, to reconnect to the source of energy and silence within.

OSHO® Active Meditations take into consideration our chronic agitation, tiredness, stress and tension, and are specially designed to address these challenges, often stored in our bodies. The stages of every active meditation help us to unburden, first of all releasing the accumulated energy so that nothing stays in our way when we want to be still and relaxed, present and alert.

These meditation techniques based on movement can be seen as a devices that help us “tune-in” to ourselves, to our essence.

All OSHO® Active Meditations have at least one active stage, such as dance, breathing technique, body shaking, verbal expression, running etc. — then leading you gently and naturally in a passive state of non-movement (rest) and silence.

Active meditations are also a pleasant way to start or to end our day, waking up our body and our senses, centering us inside, opening gates towards a state of relaxation and presence.

OSHO® Active Meditations were designed to unlock and activate the natural life energy, to be found in each and every one of us.

Meditațiile Active OSHO®:

  • OSHO® Dynamic Meditation
  • OSHO® Kundalini Meditation
  • OSHO® Nataraj Meditation
  • OSHO® Nadabrahma Meditation
  • OSHO® Devavani Meditation
  • OSHO® Gourishankar Meditation
  • OSHO® Mandala Meditation
  • OSHO® Whirling Meditation
  • OSHO® Vipassana Meditation
  • OSHO® Chakra Breathing Meditation
  • OSHO® Chakra Sounds Meditation
  • OSHO® No-Dimensions Meditation

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