During this camp, music is a support to the path of meditation, to live the joy of silence, to sing and dance in gratitude and celebration. The musicians are meditators, friends on the path. Music and Meditation, Sound and Silence go together.

The live music moments and the Singing Circles are pure moments of joy, of sharing our presence and energy togetherness. We are never spectators, our hearts, bodies and voices are invited to melt, to become One. In other live music moments we dance, we dance… and then we sit bathing ourselves in the joyful silence pulsating in the aliveness of the beat of our hearts, of (the gentle awakening) of the music and of nature.

Sublime moments of Music, Meditation and Mystery. Celebration is our birthright.

Khalid (Belgium) — electric guitar, vocals

Let’s begin with the end, because what matters in the end, is silence. Yes, there were times when I thought it was about the music, but existence guided me elsewhere.  However, for me, the path to silence with the highest fun factor, is music. Travelling that path, and sharing it with fellow travellers, is one of the greatest joys in life.

Janesha (Germany) — keyboards, accordion

Janesha is from Germany, where he lived in an Osho Commune. There’s nothing more exciting for him than to play his keyboard and his accordion with friends.

Over the years, music became a very integrated part of his life. He is very happy to come to OSHO® Meditation & Music Camp in Romania, to share the Silence and the Music.

Veetam (Germany) — drums, tabla, percussion

Veetam has been playing drums and percussions for many years.

He joined a diversity of bands and formations, playing in a lot of musical styles.

Playing mostly in Germany, where he lives in an Osho Commune, he’s also touring and participating at many festivals in Europe and in the U.S.A. Also, he often played in the OSHO® International Meditation Resort, during his long stays in India.

Prem Gitam (Germany) — bass guitar

He is playing the bass with some deep notes, to bring you some deepness. Music is his passion and his love.

Charaiveti (Romania) — guitars, cobza, ukulele, flutes, vocals

Sega is known for his bestsellers, “Namaste in India” and “Namaste in Nepal”, novels published in 2012 and 2013, respectively, by Humanitas. In the world of Osho, he is known as Charaiveti, the guy from Romania who loves to play guitar in Buddha Grove, mainly during the Indian monsoon.

A rhythm guitarist in the music department at Osho International Meditation Resort and a member of a band with which he plays at the Osho music and meditation festivals, Charaiveti is coming to OSHO® Meditation & Live Music Camp for the fourth time.

Marius Lazăr (Romania) — shepherd’s flutes, caval, didgeridoo

Passioned by music and traditional music in particular, Marius started the exploration of musical instruments as a teenager, with guitar, followed by wind instruments. He graduated the School of Popular Arts — Guitar Section in Bucharest, 2006. After a hiatus of several years, he returned to music and learned (by himself) to play the Australian didgeridoo, then the shepherd’s flutes and the Romanian caval.

The meeting of music and meditation happened naturally, the silence nourishing his openness to sounds, while the music brought him a new… blow to his meditation moments. Thus, he got invitations to play his instruments at various public and private events, alone or together with other musicians/players, where he was playing with the silence and the sounds, to awake that “something” that contains both….

In his “ordinary” life, Marius works as a sociologist-researcher in the social area but is also involved in various civic actions.

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