Meditation in Nature

This gathering in Transylvania is a call for meditation and, especially, for meditation in nature. We are surrounded by the majestic Mountains of Piatra Craiului.

The forests and the small river nearby that embrace us are an invitation to reconnect with our nature as human beings. An invitation to reconnect to our natural, loose way of being and living.

The purity of the fresh air in the mornings is a call to conscious breathing and moving our body-mind outdoors. Silent walks, gazing at the blue infinite sky and at the silent mountains, dancing, singing, and many meditations like Osho Kundalini Meditation are done outside.

Moments of togetherness like our meals and tea breaks are enjoyed on the opened terrace. At night, we delight with the moon magic, the shiny stars in the infinite clear dark sky, and the campfire in the last night of our gathering, reminding us of the inner flame of awareness always guiding us home.

We are nature. We are Buddha nature.  


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