The invitation in this camp is to bring the space and quality of meditation into every moment and action: eating, walking, talking, brushing the teeth, dancing, dressing, showering, sitting, looking…

Meditation is a remembrance, a quality of our being. We will be exploring different techniques that support us to remember the inner space of silence, of meditation which is always available.

In a friendly relaxed space and atmosphere, you are invited to allow yourself to reconnect with yourself, with your inner space of pure silence. The beautiful wild mountains nature also supports a deep inner journey towards being natural, expanding into the joyful silence of existence.

No matter your experience with meditation, everybody is warmly welcome in exploring and living together the uniqueness of each meditation camp experiment.

Join us & our beautiful dedicated team of friends for a joyful meditation adventure supported by music, dance, silence, nature and the magic Buddhafield we all co-create.


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